• First Film Competition  
  • Renaud Victor Award


Julien Chauzit

In his first film, Julien Chauzit gathers four young adults in their twenties who are on holiday in Martigues, and he shows their political awakening, in the face of the environmental disaster to come. So, the heart of the film is an adventure about youth – Bourdieu would say that youth is nothing but a  word – but what these young people have to say about themselves contrasts with the usual  representations of their supposed carelessness. The frivolity of summer flings and the song of the cicadas under the bright sun quickly give way to an angst that disrupts the display of indifference. Instead of the inevitable cliché of the glorious sunset they were expecting, the group is appalled to discover, somewhere between a nightmare and science-fiction, industrial chimneys setting the horizon on fire. This story of a (meteoric) ecological and political awareness, with a great deal of humour and feigned naivety, is also an introduction to a territory. Just like his characters, Julien Chauzit dares to take side steps, and brilliantly inserts witty comments in a documentary fashion, as he gives the locals a chance to express their concerns about the deterioration of their environment. Julien Chauzit films his actors in a direct and tender way, with no fuss, with their own accent, words and spontaneousness, all of which express the way they inhabit this area in the south of France that is so popular because of the sun and blue sky, but also express how they worry about it. The Hill is above all the result of an astounding energy at work, an experience lived to the full, involving a bunch of people working together in front and behind the camera. The portrait of a so-called “climate” generation of young people who actually read collapsologists like Pablo Servigne, who search for new ways to organise, and who applaud Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Hill speaks humbly and from the heart about how urgent it is to speak up and take action. While day-today reports on the destruction of life could leave us paralysed and powerless, Julien Chauzit turns the old saying “If youth but knew, if age but could” upside down. His characters choose words and pick up the microphone. Julien Chauzit has clearly chosen cinema, and we are so very glad he did.

(Claire Lasolle)

  • First Film Competition  
  • Renaud Victor Award

Technical sheet

France / 2021 / 75’

Original Version : French.
Subtitles : English, French.
Photography : Camille Sisman, Julien Ticot, Cyril Pedrazzini.
Editing : Mathilde de Brancion, Julien Chauzit.
Music : Martin Mahieu.
Sound : Cécilie Guin, Adèle Le Goff, Chiara Nardo, Nathan Alhachimi, Quentin Lachery, Saoussen Tatah, Clément Ghirardi.
Casting : Solène Salvat, Mélisande Dorvault, Ilan Couartou, Matteo Gaya.
Production : Les autres films.