Entre les Rails
In between the Rails

Cham Lavant

In the bluish light of dawn, mysterious silhouettes emerge from the water, then vanish
one by one on the ground. A woman pushes the door of a building open. It is the famous Hotel Belvédère built in the 1930s in Cerbère on the Spanish border, where Cham Lavant has chosen to set the scene of his first film. An elegant fable with old-fashioned charm, Entre les Rails [In between the Rails] is a variation on the theme of transition and here introduces a treasure trove of faded memories. Singing performances and choreographed circular steps bring the place back to life to the sound of enchanting choirs and heels tapping on the ground. At the foot of this timeless stone liner, the train continues to pass by.
(Louise Martin-Papasian)

Technical sheet

France, 16’ – Exhibition