Agnese Galiotto

Städelschule | Frankfurt, Germany

Agnese Galiotto (*1996 in Chiampo, Italy) studies Fine Arts at the Städelschule in Willem de Rooij's class. In her artistic practice, Galiotto investigates the relationship between human identity and the natural world from an autobiographical perspective. Since 2020, she is a part of the artists program Dolomiti Contemporanee. RITRATTO DI CAINO (CAIN’S PORTRAIT) / 2018 / 6’ MESERET / 2021 / 17’


Italy / 2021 / 17'

« Meseret is a film about Agnese’s best friend, who was born in Ethiopia and was adopted by an Italian family when she was a child. Protected by the intimacy of wild nature, the two friends go deep into the woods and climb vertiginous rocks while the artist narrates the story of Meseret’s recent reconnection with her biological parents. The narrative unfolds in a multilayered tone, which implies the colonial ties between Italy and Ethiopia, as well as the sincere trust of a close friendship. »
– by Teodora TalhosAgnese Galiotto