Julie Daems

KASK School of Arts | Ghent, Belgium

Julie Daems (*1993, Brussels) studied Art History at UGent, where she did research on the emotion of melancholy and its representation in visual arts and cinema. She graduated from KASK, School of Arts in Ghent with the hybrid short The Indigo Tree.

L’INDIGOTIER ou la descente des jumelles
THE INDIGO TREE or the descent of the twins

Belgium / 2020 / 25'

THE INDIGO TREE is a magically heightened docudrama that chronicles a two-year spanning journey to bring a vital piece of West-Africa folklore back to life. Together with the African diaspora community of the Matongé, a vibrant neighbourhood in Brussels, the story of the indigo tree and the mythical twin sisters was transported into the present. Embracing the collective nature of filmmaking, this re-enactment integrates the personal feelings, memories and living spaces of its (non-professional) actors. Past, present, reality, fiction, the magical and the mundane all blend together into a blue-colored dreamscape.Julie Daems