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Baamum Nafi
Le père de Nafi

Mamadou Dia

In a small town in northern Senegal, two brothers are at odds with each other. Tierno, an imam by trade, a friendly and moderate traditionalist, does not share the ideas of his older brother, Ousmane, who is jealous and ambitious and wants to take over the village with the help of a radical and dangerous emir. Their children, Nafi, Tierno’s daughter, and Tokara, Ousmane’s son, love each other and plan to marry. Tierno is opposed to this. Two opposing conceptions of Islam against a backdrop of generational conflict and social and political change.
Tahar Chikhaoui (Extrait du catalogue du Festival des cinémas d’Afrique des Pays d’Apt)

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Sénégal / 2019 / 109’