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Grace Ndiritu

Grace Ndiritu
Black Beauty: the first image seems to convey a literal meaning to the title, showing a black woman laying down naked. The woman is later seen shooting an 80s inspired ad for a beauty cream while shouting pseudo- ecological slogans until total exhaustion. Suddenly, she appears again, welcoming Jorge Luis Borges to a TV studio to discuss the publication of his latest novel, and tackle burning topical issues. Could that be a mockery of an author and a parody of TV programs ? Certainly, but it could also be a mirror game aimed at questioning them with regards to contemporary issues.
(Nathan Letoré)

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Technical sheet

United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain / 2021 / 29’

Original Version : English.
Subtitles : English.
Script : Grace Ndiritu.
Photography : Pablo Paloma.
Editing : José María Avilés.
Sound : Martin Gabriel Scaglia.
Casting : Aida Welle, Aida Welle, Emilio Linder , Lucas Azpurgua, Emile Massieu Yanes, Nicolás Celda Laurent-Atthalin, Andrea Celda Laurent-Atthalin, Marielena Correa Alcalá.
Production : Julieta Juncadella (Una Presencia), Grace Ndiritu (Post-Hippie Productions).
Distribution : Alice Lea (Lux).
Filmography : Raiders of The Lost Ark, 2015. A Week in the News: 7 places we think we know, 7 news stories we think we understand, 2010. Journeys North: Pole to Pole, 2009.
Natural Disasters (Urban Myths, Urban Legends), 2007. Still Life & Responsible Tourism – 2005/2007. Desert Storm, 2004. The Nightingale, 2003.