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Barbara Wagner, Benjamin de Burca

Barbara Wagner, Benjamin de Burca
Two abodes: the 17th century mansion of a family belonging to the Irish aristocracy; the house of a Marseille merchant from the 19th century. Two abodes that were built in an effort to flaunt wealth, and are full of works of art oozing fortune rather than beauty. Twice around, a guided tour kicks off, but soon enough the visitors take off and start exploring the space. There, on the very premises, they improvise some artistic performances, with singing, music, dancing. From one country to the other, from one symbolic domination to the other, the same commonality remains: elite discourses on art are debunked, blended identities are rekindled, and popular art is given free space.
(Nathan Letoré)

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Technical sheet

Germany, France / 2021 /32’

Original Version : English, Arabic, French, Gaelic.
Subtitles : englishh.
Script : Barbara Wagner, Benjamin de Burca, Pedro Sotero, Daniela de Lamare.
Photography : Pedro Sotero, Joana Luz.
Editing : Daniela de Lamare.
Music : Amélie Legrand.
Sound : Gabor Ripli.
Casting : Mona Boutchebak, Eabha Bourke.
Production : Michel Balagué (Volte).
Filmography : Terremoto Santo (Holy Tremor), 2017. Bye Bye Deutschland!, 2017. Estas vendo coisas (Your are seeing things), 2016. Faz que vai (Set to go), 2015.