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Clarisse Hahn

Clarisse Hahn
Los Desnudos is one of the three films that
comprise the Our Body is a Weapon trilogy,
which brings together individuals who refer
to the body as a site for political and social
resistance. Los Desnudos draws particular
attention to the image of the colonised body
and its reappropriation by the indigenous
subject. The year is 2009. A group of men and
women have been demonstrating for months
in the streets of Mexico City, wearing nothing
else but slogans and portraits of the politicians
against whom they are raising up. One of the
women recounts the struggle of the indio
peasants or mixed bloods, who demand that
the Mexican government honor the signed
agreement aiming at the restitution of the land
of which they have been robbed. Camped in
a car park in the heart of an upscale area of
Mexico City, the protesters occupied the public
space for three years, marching every day to
finally get compensation after twenty years of

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France / 2012 / 13’