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Jorge León

Jorge Leon
“February 2020, a man is giving his testimony. His words are being collected by an inspector, and unveil the implacable alienation which has been informing his lived experience since arriving in Belgium in 2015. The backcloth to this harrowing experience is Brussels, the capital of Europe, a city under construction”. Thus does Jorge León present this short, commissioned film. Admittedly, he does not claim to reveal anything in particular about the horrors that are happening within our borders, which are presumably under the rule of law. His film, though, is deliberately fraught with a sobriety of things suggested rather than displayed, through a series of shots of a vacant building site, whilst the narrative of this ghost worker is unfolding off screen.
(Jean-Pierre Rehm)

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Technical sheet

Belgium / 2020 / 12’

Original Version : French.
Subtitles : English.
Script : Jorge León.
Photography : Thomas Schira, Jorge León.
Editing : Marie-Hélène Mora.
Sound : Gianluca Kegelaert Baccaro, Vincent Nouailles, Antoine Citrinot.
Production : PAG-ASA ASBL.
Distribution : François Rapaille (CBA).
Filmography : Mitra, 2018. Before We go, 2014. Vous êtes servis, 2010. Between two chairs, 2007. Vous êtes ici, 2006. De sable et de ciment, 2004.