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Idrissou Mora Kpaï

Idrissou Mora Kpaï
The film delicately unfolds the sad picture of the city of Charleston through the bitter memories, broken dreams and dull anger of Joe Watson, a neighbourhood grocer. His shop becomes, through his testimony and that of his customers, a recording chamber for the memory of a black community filled with anger against institutions (police, schools, real estate) plagued by segregationism and racial hatred. This is where the death of Walter Scott, killed by a police officer, was captured on video and gave an impulsion to the Black Lives Matter movement.
Tahar Chikhaoui (Extract from the catalog of the Pays d’Apt African Film Festival)

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Technical sheet

USA / 2020 / 74’

Original Version : English.
Subtitles : French.
Script : Idrissou Mara-Kpaï.
Photography : Idrissou Mara-Kpaï.
Editing : Misha Mehrel, Isabelle Stroll.
Sound : Shawn Jackson.
Production : Idrissou Mara-Kpaï (Independent).
Filmography : Traces of a Mother, 2011. Arlit, the Second Paris, 2005. Si-Gueriki, the
Queen Mother, 2002. Fake soldier, 1999. Transient, 1996.