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Serge Garcia

Serge Garcia
What is a question? Why did author Padget Powell build his novel The Interrogative mood around them? How can this novel be adapted to the screen? What is a voice-over? How can it appeal to you, the viewer? Can it question you? Challenge you with new questions? Or should it rather address a character? If so, which one? Why is it captured in this way, in its moments of hesitation? Which city has it chosen to create its pockets of freedom? Is it not precisely the interrogative form, constantly reiterated and never conclusive, that allows for this space of freedom?
(Nathan Letoré)

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Technical sheet

USA, Sweden / 2021 / 10’

Original Version : English.
Subtitles : English.
Script : Padgett Powell, Serge Garcia.
Photography : Simon Köcher.
Editing : Serge Garcia.
Music : Marc Merza.
Sound : Serge Garcia.
Casting : Rufus Backman Ossandon.
Production : Serge Garcia (Trouble Pictures), Marc Merza (Trouble Pictures), Melissa Lindgren (Story).
Filmography : Grand Central Hotel, 2021. Live To Be Legend, 2020. Noncompliant, 2019. A Child Of House, 2019. Jackie House, 2018. The Longer I live – The Longer I live, The Less Chance I’ll Ever Recover from What Life Keeps Doing to Me, 2015. Butcherqueen, 2013.