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Adrian Paci

Adrian Paci
The screen is filled with a pulsating red that,
for just a few moments, is interrupted by the
appearance of an eye. The almost paradoxical
choice to address the drama of domestic
violence through the negation of images
suggests the “impossibility” of telling this story.
The eyes that fleetingly appear come from video
portraits of Syrian refugee women that Paci
filmed in Beirut in 2018. An original text written
and performed by playwright and actress Daria
Deflorian provides the narrative structure. Vedo
rosso is a polyphonic composition for color
and voice; weaving together three threads of
isolation, coercion, and negation, both spatial
and internal, it examines limitations—physical,
psychological, individual, and collective—and
the longing to overcome them.
(Leonardo Bigazzi)

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Technical sheet

Italy / 2020 / 12’

Original Version : Italian.
Subtitles : English.
Script : Daria Deflorian.
Photography : Adrian Paci.
Editing : Adrian Paci.
Sound : Emanuele Pontecorvo.
Production : Beatrice Bulgari (Fondazione In Between Art Film).
Distribution : Beatrice Bulgari (Fondazione In Between Art Film).
Filmography : Prova, 2019. Rasha, 2017. My song in your kitchen, 2017. Interregnum, 2017, Di queste luci si servirà la notte, 2017. The Guardians, 2015. The Column, 2013. The Encounter, 2011. Inside the circle, 2011. Electric Blue, 2010. Centro di Permanenza temporanea, 2007. Britma, 2009. Per Speculum, 2006. PilgrIMAGE, 2005. Klodi, 2005. Turn on, 2004. Slowly, 2004. Vajtojca, 2002. Apparizione, 2001. Believe me I am an artist, 2000. A real game, 1997. Albanian stories, 1997.