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Iván Argote

Iván Argote
Iván Argote conceptually links two cities to which he is personally tied: Bogotá, where he was born and raised, and Paris, where he trained as an artist and now lives. The artist films the inscriptions that have been posted around his neighborhood by Collages Feminicides, an anonymous collective of women artists; using short phrases and simple but immediately recognizable graphics, they highlight the pervasiveness of gender violence and femicide in France. Over the collages, we hear the voice of Diana Rodriguez Franco, “Secretaria de la Mujer de Bogotá”: head of the city’s department of women’s affairs, charged with implementing public policies for preventing domestic violence and supporting victims. Although the text, images, and sound are in different languages, they form a shared grammar that emphasizes the gravity of the situation and the need to act immediately.
(Leonardo Bigazzi)

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Technical sheet

Italie / 2020 / 20’

Original Version : Spanish.
Subtitles : English.
Script : Ivan Argote.
Photography : Ivan Argote.
Editing : Ivan Argote.
Sound : Ivan Argote.
Production : Beatrice Bulgari (Fondazione In Between Art Film).
Distribution : Beatrice Bulgari (Fondazione In Between Art Film).
Filmography : La Plaza del Chafleo, 2019. As Far as We Could Get, 2018. Reddishblue Memories, 2017. Fructose, 2016. Activissime!, 2015. Barcelona, 2014. Blind Kittens, 2014. The Messengers, 2014. Moving Ashes, 2014. Two 50 years old white males having emotions, 2013. Nose Job, 2012. George, 2012. Suiza, 2012. Geometría, 2012. La Estrategia, 2012. Caress, 2012. Altruism, 2011. Retouch, 2008. Making of, 2007. Boom, 2007. I just want to give you money, 2007.