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Mauricio Freyre

Genre : Fiction
Runtime (min) : 110’

Production countries : Peru, Spain

Production company (Spain) : TASIO
Producer : Javier Gomez Ovejero
Production company (Peru) : Walden Films
Producer : Nicolas Carrasco
Production company (Peru) : Estudio Rien
Producer : Mauricio Freyre

Project status : production
Estimated budget : 200 000 €
Acquired Budget : 62 000 €

Shooting countries : Peru, Spain

A journey of a seed that departs from the archives of the Botanical Garden in Madrid, and ends in an afro-peruvian village in the south coast of Peru, the place where the seed was collected in a colonial expedition around 1800. This seed of a species believed to be extinct, has been described in the diaries of a colonial botanist to be related to curative uses in different pre-Columbian cultures and to induce altered states of consciousness. Like a flare in the dark, the seed will lighten different worlds and realities that hide in the shadows.
Mauricio Freyre

Ben Rivers

Yves-Marie Mahé

Virginie Barré, Julien Gorgeart

María Paz González