Nunca seré policía
(I’ll never be a cop)

Carolina Moscoso

Genre : documentary
Runtime (min) : 80′

Production country : Chile
Production company : Transparaíso Cine
Producer : Camila José Donoso

Project status : development
Estimated budget : 100 000 €
Acquired budget : 5 000 €

Shooting country : Chile

My uncle gave me his film archives. When I watched them, I realized that he had a comprehensive video diary, that he is a lover of images, and that he recorded everything as if he had been mandated by a public administrator to create memories. I see myself surrounded by them in his archives. They are my uncles, cousins and grandfathers – all policemen. My childhood with my family was surrounded by the PDI, Chile’s investigative police. Guns, badges, uniforms, gunshots. Almost all the men in my family are policemen. I look at my uncle’s images, at these ordinary men, even though I don’t know what that means. The story, the archives, the future, the violence and the police. Men and police as an inescapable relationship to think about.

Carolina Moscoso