Morir de pie
(To die on your feet)

María Paz González

Genre: Fiction
Runtime: 90’

Production country: Chile

Production company: Quijote Films
Producer: Giancarlo Nasi

Project status : development
Estimated budget : 731 667 €
Acquired Budget : 18 333 €

Shooting country : Chile

Cruz is an actress who has dedicated her career to play different roles for medical students in college. She is a simulated patient who performs emotions and ailments in front of young doctors who are confronted to unknown realities for them. One night, while she is jogging in the gym inside the building where she lives, Cruz witnesses a body falling from above. But instead of helping the victim, she keeps jogging. Her lack of reaction is recorded by a security camera, and is later questioned by the police. Unable to explain what happened and confronted by the unexpected death of an unknown person, Cruz realizes how her life seems to have been disconnected from all natural impulses, doubting about her reactions, her job and above all, her own affections.

María Paz González

Ben Rivers

Mauricio Freyre

Yves-Marie Mahé

Virginie Barré, Julien Gorgeart