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Manuel Ponce León de Restrepo

Filmmaking, as we know, is all about ghosts. They twist and turn on the cinema screen as well as in the pictures of our memories. The inspiration for Beyond the Night was the evocative power of a poem by Raúl Gomez Jattin, whose first line provides the title. The text stirs together all the ingredients of memory, which Manuel Ponce de León Restrepo kneads into a film. He makes the poem his own, incorporating his own family into it, and takes it on a journey of interwoven time loops. The setting is a small plot next to the family home on a riverbank in Colombia, a melting pot of memories passed down from generation to generation. Figures appear and disappear during the sequence-shots that make up the movie. Matching these fluid shots are clean cuts like waking from a dream, handing over to the next protagonist caught up on the merry-go-round of the camera’s movements. This choice creates an all-encompassing, enchanted intellectual space rendered by the half-light of the shades of grey and the 16mm black and white material. Layers of time are superimposed, haunted by sounds and presences as we can see from the use of voices and texts on screen. And we understand that this river is a character in its own right as the film returns to it over and over again, like a metaphor for time and recollection, in a single movement, calling upon his childhood, his father, his mother as it flows from one to the other, where the memory of people and place is refreshed in the film that hosts it, and emerges from the depths of the images as though “beyond the flickering night of childhood, beyond even my first memory”.

(Nicolas Feodoroff)

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Technical sheet

Colombia / 2021 / 26’

Original Version : Spanish.
Subtitles : English.
Script : Manuel Ponce de León Restrepo.
Photoraphy : Angello Faccini.
Editing : Manuel Ponce de León Restrepo.
Sound : Antonio Ponce de León Restrepo.
Casting : Catalina Restrepo, Gabriel Ponce de Léon, Juan Manuel Ponce de Léon, Andrea Restrepo, José Oliverio Ospina.
Production : Carolina Zárate García (LOS NIÑOS FILMS).
Distribution : Gisela Chicolino (FilmsToFestivals Distribution Agency).
Filmography : Río Muerto, 2018.