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Dounia Sichov

To metamorphose, to part with oneself, to transition from one gender to another. Dounia Sichov guides us along this razor edge. She also reminds us that this history is ancient and widely shared: Tiresias’ sex-change is quite well-known, better known anyway than the story of mukhannathun in Muhammad’s hadiths, and even more so than the life of Saint Marine, who lived as brother Marin, or the Yakut shamans’ gender transformation during their training. Vikken opens with such traditions of gender assignment being reversed throughout places and times. Meanwhile, on screen, outrageous vaudevillian figures of drag kings, led by Louis(e) de Ville, parade before our eyes, overacting male behaviour and attitudes. And the litany of stories, richly adorned with illustrations, goes on and on, chanted by an “I” with multiple and changing voices. It interlinks with the story of transgender artist and electro DJ Vikken, who tells us about their journey from “Véronique, the name I was given, to Vikken, the boy I am”. Throughout what has been a transition, a split and a painful (re)birth, Vikken has been forced to negotiate with state and legal injunctions, the authority of labels and body control. Their story unfolds in the form of an intimate dialogue that illustrates their transitioning, while their old voices which Vikken has recorded still resonate. With words disconnected from images, just like voices are disconnected from bodies, and the stage is disconnected from Vikken’s private space, somewhere between an intimate portrait and a manifesto, the film takes us through a labyrinthine journey where politics and collective space intersect. It is a matter of liberty that concerns all of us, whatever our gender.

(Nicolas Feodoroff)

  • Flash Competition

Technical sheet

France / 2021 / 27’

Original Version : French.
Subtitles : English.
Script: Dounia Sichov.
Photography : Pauline Sicard.
Editing : Dounia Sichov.
Sound : Maud Lubeck.
Production : Eugénie Michel-Villette (Les Films du Bilboquet).
Distribution : Aziza Kaddour (Tangente Distribution).