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Larry Clark, Jonathan Velasquez

That should not come as a surprise that Larry Clark & Jonathan Velasquez make extreme close-ups a rule in this short film “of the day”. Faces are shown close, never as some psychological device, but rather to slide – as skaters should – on skins and skin textures, awkward poses, eyes, mouths and lips. Cigarettes are all-pervasive in the scenes, the exhaled smoke connecting all the characters in a single cloud of uncertainty. Teenagers together – or, rather, side by side. Kids and their parents (like the ever-brilliant Vincent Macaigne, who makes an appearance as a father who is way out there); they do not have much to say to each other, although nobody seems to make a big deal out of it. Sustained energy, fragmented dialogues, melancholy of a pleasure that has lost its name, splendid colours up until the fire-red end credits. A slice of time, flesh cuts, a piece of film that seems to have been torn away from a larger work or, on the contrary, that contains it all, fully condensed, for eternity.
(Jean-Pierre Rehm)

  • Flash Competition

Technical sheet

France / 2020 / 15’

Original Version : French.
Subtitles : English.
Script : Jonathan Velasquez, Larry Clark.
Photography : Nicolas Jardin.
Editing : Loann Steinmetz.
Sound : Nicolas Leroy.
Casting : Gabrielle Sonier, Enzo Camellini, Vincent Macaigne, Ana Neborac.
Production : Roman Birenzweigue (MS Production).
Filmography : Larry Clark : Marfa Girl 2, 2018. The Smell of Us, 2015. Got To Belong – Natas Loves You (clip video), 2014. Marfa Girl, 2012. Destricted – segment Impaled, 2006. Wassup Rockers, 2004. Ken Park, 2002. Teenage Caveman (TV), 2002. Bully, 2001. Another Day in Paradise, 1998. Kids, 1995.