Y ahora elogiemos las películas
(Let us now praise movies)

Lucas is a young man who works at a stationery store and writes for a film magazine. One day, he’s asked to translate a text by the American critic Manny Farber. Meanwhile, he meets Mariana, a woman looking for a job who needs to Xerox her ID card. Lucas also sells a marker to Nicolás, a cartoonist who ends a comic strip, and reunites with Agustín, a former schoolmate who work as a waiter in a bar and produces independent films. “Let us now praise movies” is a homage to the small tasks that, like termites, are the foundation of the great works of art.
Nicolás Zukerfeld
Nicolas Zukerfeld

Technical sheet

Argentina / 2017 / Colours / 16 mm / Stéréo / 15'

Original version : Spain.
Subtitles : English.
Scenario : Nicolas zukerfeld.
Pothography : Fernando Lockett.
Editing : Malena Solarz, Nicolás Zukerfeld.
Sound : Valeria Fernández.
With : Lucas Granero, Mariana de la Mata, Agustín Gagliardi, Nicolás Daniluk.
Production & distribution : Fidelia Cine (Rogelio Navarro).
Filmography : El invierno llega después del otoño, 2016. A propósito de Buenos Aires, 2006.