Michka Saäl

In 1978, Spoon Jackson was sentenced to life imprisonment. In jail, where he still lives, he discovered poetry and his own literary talent. Michka Saäl knows Spoon. She never sees him but she talks to him on the phone. She listens to him reading his poems. She fi lms landscapes which are his own kind of freedom, or his dreamed escape. She fi lms bodies that dance and wonder if it is possible to translate words into movements, if it is possible to give Spoon some freedom of movement, even vicariously.

Technical sheet


Canada, 2015, Colour and B&W, HDTV, (HDCam), Stereo, HDCAM, 1080 60i, 65’

Original version : english, french
Subtitles: french
Script : Michka Saäl
Photography : Sylvestre Guidi
Editing : Michel Giroux
Sound : Pierre Bertrand, Catherine Van der Donckt
Production: Michka Saäl

Casting: Spoon Jackson

Filmography :
China me, 2013
Prisonniers de Beckett, 2006
Zéro tolérance, 2004