Jean-Jacques Martinod

Kyle Andrew Bell

During the last summer when drive-in theatres still projected 35mm film prints, in a free journey through the South of the USA, we are given a night tour and get to meet a projectionist, a breakdown mechanic, odd characters or children. Some of them are seen, while others are just heard. From a child’s babbling to a pervert’s coarse remarks, from the isolation of a specialist to the shared moments of an audience, everyone finds a screen out in the open air. But people now desert this once popular place. Jean-Jacques Martinod

Technical sheet


USA, 2014, Colour, HD, Stereo, 19’

Original version : english
Script : Jean-Jacques Martinod
Photography : Jean-Jacques Martinod, Kyle Andrew Bell.
Editing : Kyle Andrew Bell.
Sound : Jonathon Van der Horst.

Production : Backrow Collective.
Distribution : Jean-Jacques Martinod

Beast, 2013 ;
Rota, 2014