• International Competition


Riccardo Giacconi

Intertwining prevails here in various ways: in the intertwined stories told by several characters – a puppeteer, a psychic, a tailor and a scientist, who all happen to live in Cali; in the interweaving of images and a sound that makes us hear the usually inaudible; in the connection to quantum physics, in which two particles, however distant, may share information, thus challenging the theory of relativity. This paradox, known as the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox, is yet to be resolved. What Riccardo Giacconi is interested in are all these more or less visible links : the seam of a pair of trousers, the strings of a puppet, the common point between a sleeping tiger and a bus accident, between the abduction of a cow by a UFO and the Dantean fate of a cockroach. While the characters enlighten us with anecdotes and philosophical digressions, Riccardo Giacconi sets out to divulge, using the resources of cinema only, the secrete links that connect human beings to one another, to objects, to animals, to the elements. Ants seem to stand for the infinitesimally small. A few shots of a neon tube are enough to add the speed of light to the equation. As for sound, the theremin extends the metaphor of the invisible. Thus the remote action happens just before our eyes, should we pay attention to it. (CG)

  • International Competition

Technical sheet


Colombia, Italy, 2014, Colour and B&W, DV PAL, Stereo, 37’

Original version : spanish
Subtitles : english
Script, photography, editing : Riccardo Giacconi
Sound : Margarita Angel
Casting : Octavio Diaz, Camilo de la Espriella, Profesor Numar, Andrea Naranjo

Production : Lugar a dudas
Distribution : Riccardo Giacconi

– Chi ha lottato con l’angelo resta fosforescente, 2013
– Indagaciòn sobre la forma de los milagros, 2012
– In Forma Lucrurilor Care Trebuie Sa Vine, 2011
– L’éternité par les astres, 2011
– L’altra faccia della spirale, 2010
– La scena emisferica, 2009
– They gave us the land, 2008
– My grandmother reads the 21 “Theses on the concept of history” by Walter Benjamin, 2007