• First Film Competition


Eloy Domínguez Serén

Jet-lag, time difference affect the everyday life of a person working late hours. Far from contenting himself with the observation of the usual isolation, boredom, side-lining or repetitiveness of a seemingly hardly necessary mission, Eloy Domínguez Serén uses the opportunity to keep the tempo upbeat. Within the very images and sounds of the film, a rhythm finds its pace without reducing shots, making excessive cuts or unnecessary additions. Everything contributes to this: an engine rumbling, a protagonist moving, lights, refl ections, vehicles moving about, the following or giving up of a character who leaves the frame. Sequence after sequence, the daily routine eventually brings about an ever-singular fiction. Two events occur and enrich this gradually-revealed context. The shooting crew gives up its invisibility, finally letting go, too exhausted to remain on the sidelines any more. After that, the surveillance cameras record a more unusual situation. The work is still as regular, but recent events have changed everything. Two riddles get close to being solved simultaneously, with two teams on the move: one making the film, and the other dealing with the investigation and police work. A voice suggests that this is the first step in a series of films about the daily life of those who work peculiar hours, which sounds promising.

  • First Film Competition

Technical sheet

Spain, 2014, Colour, HD, Stereo, 52’

Original version: Galician
Subtitles : english
Script, photography, editing, sound : Eloy Domínguez Serén
Production & distribution: Beli Martínez

Casting: Diego Castiñeiras

-No cow on the ice, 2015
-In the new sky, 2014
-Pettring, 2013