• First Film Competition


Chloé Mahieu

Lila Pinell

“ Arthur is a young businessman who founded his clothing brand 10 years ago and was successful: his company has grown rapidly, he sells and opens shops worldwide. Arthur is an aristocrat, a fact which he highlights in order to target a high-end clientele. He sells clothing for his set, the high society of Auteuil-Neuilly-Passy, which sees its refl ection in a certain chic Arthur offers; a clientele who share a style, values, activities that are particular to it (hunting, horse riding, polo, big charity dinners) and is a powerful network of which Arthur takes full advantage, but that is no longer enough for the successful, ambitious young man.” This is how the two talented young female directors situate their character and the rather specific context of this portrait. The many successes in this challenge include avoiding caricature (in a sense everybody here does it for them), sparing us a questionable familiarity (a technique that would undoubtedly leave a bad taste in the mouth). How a certain class is now only a complete fiction and, perhaps already less sales-worthy than it might seem, is no doubt the secret target of their film. That is why wonderful old paintings, witnesses of a tangible majesty, punctuate a confusingly hollow present. (JPR) Chloé Mahieu Lila Pinell

  • First Film Competition

Technical sheet

France,  2015, Colour, HDCAM 1080, 60i, Dolby Stereo, 58’

Original version : french
Photography: Xavier Liberman, Lila Pinell
Editing: Emma Augier
Sound: Chloé Mahieu
Production: The Factory

Casting: Arthur de Soultrait

Filmography :
-Nos Fiançailles, 2012
-Boucle Piqué, 2014