• First Film Competition


Jean Boiron Lajous

Jean Boiron Lajous (present at the FIDCampus three years ago) is presenting his first full-length film, moulded by his encountering the town of Trieste and its inhabitants both of which he describes as being « disturbed by the wind, confronted with the mountains and drawn by the open sea ». The essence of this film lies in this identity of the town with those who live there. Adama, Biljana, Allessandro, Lisa, more than just our guides through Triestre which each walks through in his own way, they are the living incarnation of it. From here to there, little by little they reveal their relationship with the town as they gradually get to know each other – strings that Jean Boiron Lajous gently pulls while leaving each the time to exist. The camera moves along with them, placed at the right and yet friendly distance, close enough to capture their doubts yet respecting their inner selves where both their mystery and that of the place itself lie, always leaving room for movement and the unpredictable, seeking a stability that one can only find in the perpetual imbalance of walking. Only the statues scattered throughout the film remain motionless : writers on a stopover in Triestre and who have left a part of themselves. James Joyce, Umberto Saba, Italo Svevo. It is under their patronage that the film is written and that the young people who move through it construct themselves and, with guileless simplicity, build a generation. (CG)

  • First Film Competition

Technical sheet

France, 2015, Colour, HD, Stereo, 65’

Original version : italian,french
Subtitles : french
Script, photography : Jean Boiron Lajous
Editing: Clément Rière
Sound: Jérôme Noirot
Production & distribution: Prima Luce
Casting: Lisa, Biljana, Alessandro, Adama

-La mémoire et la mer, 2013
-Une personne – une ligne, 2011