Richard Brouillette

Filmed in March 2000, in the context of the film The encircling – Democracy ensnared in neoliberalism, this fascinating interview with Bernard Maris, alias Uncle Bernard, constitutes a true “anti-lesson of economy”. In a frank and straightforward manner, the producer is as discreet as possible before the knowledgeable, dissident, cutting and rebellious words of Maris. Totally unhindered and at will, the latter unleashes pertinent truths which overturn the dogmas unceasingly repeated by the vibrant chorus of the lackeys of the economic “sciences”. Formidable popularizer whose verve, eloquence, learning and alacrity succeed in rendering even the most inaccessible topics fascinating. Though this interview Uncle Bernard gradually shows a way of thinking that is courageous in its originality and which reveals itself to be particularly precious in these times of intellectual resignation and economic austerity
Richard Brouillette

Technical sheet


Canada, 2015, Black & white, 16 mm, Stereo, 80’

Original version : french
Photography : Michel Lamothe
Editing : Richard Brouillette
Sound : Simon Goulet.
Casting : Bernard Maris

Production distribution : Les films du passeur.

Filmography :
Prends garde à la douceur des choses, 2014
À St‐Henri le 26 août, 2011
L’encerclement – La démocratie dans les rets du néolibéralisme, 2008
Trop c’est assez, 1995
Carpe diem, 1995.