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Louidgi Beltrame

Initially, there were two pieces by Robert Morris: Observatory, an earthwork aligned with the sun on equinoxes and solstices produced in Holland in 1971 (dismantled and then rebuilt in 1977) and Aligned with Nazca, a piece published in Artforum in October 1975 which combines text and images taken at the famous Peruvian Nazca site by the artist. Two works that Louidgi Beltrame, who has an interest in architectural and artistic utopias, especially since Brasilia/Chandigarh (FID 2008) and Energodar (FID 2010), seeks to connect to other times, prolonging the rereading undertaken by Morris. The framework of the film Beltrame weaves is thus an affair of lines and traces, from one era and continent to another, pulling the invisible threads between the space of the sculpture and pre-Columbian drawings. Spaces that are today concretely experienced by performance: by walking and pacing, opening up a landscape inhabited by the setting in motion of the body with the words of the Morris text in the horizontal space of Nazca and through the music by Benjamin Seror and Morten Halvorsen Norbye that fills the space of the sculpture. It is a film in which there is a dialogue between horizontal and vertical, body and words, the earthly and the cosmic, space and mind, light and sound. And from which emerges a mental space, for us possible extraterrestrials, spectators shown these traces, from one artwork to the other. (NF)

  • French Competition

Technical sheet

France / Peru / Netherlands, 2014, Colour, HD, Stereo, 41’

Original version : english
Subtitles : french
Script, photography : Louidgi Beltrame
Editing : Louidgi Beltrame, Elfi Turpin
Sound : Mikaël Barre, Térence Meunier, André Fèvre, Gabriel Alvaredo
Casting : Victor Costales, Benjamin Seror, Morten Norbye Halvorsen

Production : Techniquement Douce

– Cinelândia, 2012
– Gunkanjima, 2012
Energodar, 2010
– Brasilia, Chandigarh, 2008
– Les Dormeurs, 2006