Damir Cucic

Pipettes and small bubbles give rhythm to the opening, still images subdivide and multiply, get superimposed and come to life. A solitary man seems to be reviving recent or old memories. Mario Haber is a sound engineer completely wrapped up in a quest for new spirits. Cherries, quinces, pears and other fruits will slowly be reduced, drop by drop. Alcohols, endless fl ow of words, loss of consciousness are not a surrealist posture. Does it all aim at capturing his free-flowing speech ? Damir Cucic

Technical sheet


Croatia, 2015, Colour, HD, 81’

Original version : Croatian.
Subtitles : english
Script : Damir Cucic, Mario Haber, Boris Poljak.
Photography : Boris Poljak.
Editing : Damir Cucic.
Sound : Martin Semencic, Mario Haber.

Production : Vera Robic- Skarica, Vera Robic-Skarica (Hrvatski filmski savez).
Distribution : Everything Works Ivana Ivisic.

Casting : Mario Haber

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