Natacha NISIC


Director : Natacha NISIC
Country : France

Production company: Seconde Vague Productions
Producer: Paul Saadoun

Genre : Fiction – Documentary
Length : 75′

Project state : Development
Budget : 270 000 €
Acquired budget : 150 000 €

Seconde Vague Productions
-LE CIEL D’ANDREA/ Natacha Nisic / 2013 / 60’
-ÇA VA PASSER … MAIS QUAND ? / Stéphane Kappes / 2013 / 90’
-LA FIN DES OTTOMANS/ Mathilde Damoisel / En Production / 2 X 52’
-TERRES NUCLÉAIRES, UNE HISTOIRE DU PLUTONIUM / Kenichi Watanabe / En Production / 90’

After the declaration of armistice of 1918, Professor Aby Warburg sank deep into psychosis. In his various hallucinations, he had visions of a Hopi Indian encountered two decades earlier in Arizona. Memories of the professor’s intellectual war swirl and mix with recollections of the Hopi warrior sharing snipets of his life on the reservation and on France’s eastern front. In his madness, Dr. Warburg is haunted by images of nightmares, massacres, and anti-Semitic persecutions of premonitory violence. In a half-real, half-imaginary world, he expresses himself in an unknown tongue that melds with Hopi voices foretelling the end of the world, whilst they are being exterminated and contained on a reservation. Their children are forced to a civilizing education in military schools, only to be sent to war.
We find them in France in 1917.
The film interweaves reality and historic documents with fantastical narrative and free interpretations. The extraordinary stock of images and texts that Ary Warburg left us mixes with this first-ever view of Native Americans on the war front in WWI. Natacha Nisic