Benjamin Hameury

It’s summer and a small residential area is overwhelmed by fear when its inhabitants learn that a burglar has escaped from the island opposite them. What to do? The streets are wide, the walls are low, the heat is suffocating and it could be anywhere.Benjamin Hameury

Technical sheet


France, 2014, 39’

Original version : french.
Subtitles : english.
Script : Benjamin Hameury.
Photography : Cyrille Hubert.
Editing : Benjamin Hameury.
Sound : Pierre Desprats, Rémi Carreau, Romain Ozanne.

Production, distribution : Collectif COMET.

Casting : Jean-Claude Rouer, Micheline Rouer, Josiane Lemoing, Michel Lemoing, Christian Bachelier, Denise Bachelier, André Roussiès, Denise Roussiès, Huguette Rebrioux, Claude Ozbolt