A few films are shown outside of dark rooms. They were not necessarily conceived to be presented otherwise than in complete darkness. More simply, an arrangement, a strength in them made it possible. Therefore the point is not “exhibition cinema”, or to exhibit films in a bright light. It is rather to humbly show that films can migrate, venture onto walls, be offered to viewers in a different manner, in another timeframe, with another way of watching.

international premiere

Willi Dorner | Latvia, Austria, 2015, 10’

House of the bear
world premiere

Kristina Solomoukha et Paolo Codeluppi | France, 2015, 7’

The Nation
international premiere

Pieter Geenen | Belgium, 2015, 50’
In collaboration with Argos Centre for Art and Media

Le Ponton
world premiere

Salvatore Lista | France, 2015, 29’

Sleeping image
Lucile Chauffour & Bernhard Braunstein | France, Austria, 2014, 27’
followed by
Lucile Chauffour & Bernhard Braunstein | France, Austria, 2015
Every time, a new series is devised with the audience and made by the authors. On the hour, in original version with French subtitles and every half-hour,
in original version with English subtitles.
Everyone is invited to participate in the work in progress based on the screening of an experience-film.

international premiere

João Vieira Torres & Tanawi Xucuru Kairiri | France, Brazil, 2015, 15’

Una luz en la pared
world premiere

Alissone Perdrix | France, Colombia, 2015, 28’

Technical sheet