Charlotte Bayer-Broc

The members of the Arkana Calavera quartet fi re up their sucio rock’n roll callejero (dirty street rock’n’roll) at nightfall. During the day, they wander around, switching between naps, visits and banters in the Chilean landscapes. The crux of the matter is interwoven into their conversation alternating the trifl ing and the intimate, up to an overacting verging on a head spin, with every situation oddly fitting into the scenery. If we listen carefully, we fi nd out that their isolation hides the rustling of a presence, a crowd : the others.Charlotte Bayer BrocCharlotte Bayer-Broc

Technical sheet


France, Chile, 2015, Colour, HD, Dolby, Stereo (SR), 55’

Original version : spanish.
Subtitles : french
Script : Adicta, Tamara Amapola, Araya Vera, Deegee, Diego Rockmonster, Reyes Espinoza, Charlotte Bayer-Broc
Photography : Charlotte Bayer-Broc.
Editing : Félix Rehm.
Sound : Rémi Carreau.

Production : Charlotte Bayer-Broc.

Casting : Adicta Amapola, Daw Jon M, Deegee RockMonster, Huanas Adiction

Filmography :
Traitement Spécial, 2014
Toutes voiles dehors, 2013- 2014
17.10.61, 2012
Corps étrangers, 2011