Léa Ducos

The sports field is filled with lines and markings for various games, teams enter the grounds, a soloist appears on screen, a quintet is playing in the background, a choreographer is at work, two athletes warm up, and three extras are posing. This place dates back from the 1894 universal exhibition, it is a 333.33 meter-long track with 43° banked turns at the most, among other characteristics not all mentioned in the film. The collective recording of the drawn paths animates each frame. Léa Ducos

Technical sheet


France, 2015, Colour, HD, Stereo, 7’

Original version : no dialogue.
Script, photography, editing : Léa Ducos.
Sound : Guillaume Sbaiz.

Production : Léa Ducos, (E.S.A.D.S.E.).

Lucas Serol