Notes d’un souterrain

Christophe Bisson

Loosely based on Dostoevsky’s novel of the same title, the film puts a big part of the book aside and only keeps the presence of the misanthrope who hates the whole world from his basement, behind a small window. In between silences and songs, ghostly figures appear to echo his bitter loneliness: “I am a sick man… I am a nasty man. A repelling man. That’s what I am.” (V.P.)
Christophe Bisson

Technical sheet


France 2017 Colour HD, Stéréo 37’
Version originale : russian, french, english.
Subtitles : french, english.
Photography, sound, editing : Christophe Bisson.
Casting : Hervé Magne.

Production : Christophe Bisson.

Filmography :
Lenz élégie, 2015
Sarah(k.), 2014
Entrée des écuyères et des tigres, 2014
Château intérieur, 2014
Au monde, 2013
– Liquidation, 2013
Road movie, 2011
– Feast of crispian, 2011