À bout portés

Clémence Poésy

« As an actress, I often noticed tiny wonderful surprises on the faces of my fellow actors after the film was finished. We had shot scenes together, often very close – often, our skins had even touched… And yet the camera had captured something about our characters that we did not know ourselves. Close-ups hold a world within. They reveal souls.” These are the words of Clémence Poésy about her first film: an attempt to capture the grace of a gesture as it is born, the exultation and pain of the body at work, the magic of faces in focus… An ode to mystery and to the body. (FM)

Technical sheet


France 2016 Colour HD, Dolby Stéréo (SR) 9’

Original version : french

Subtitles : english.

Script : Clémence Poésy.

Photography : Joe Russell.

Editing : Raphaëlle Martin-Hölger.

Son : David Amsalem.

Sound : Michaël Denard.

Production : Elisa Larriere (Silex Films), Judith Nora (Silex Films), Priscilla Bertin (Silex Films).

Distribution : L’Agence du court métrage – Nathalie Lebel.