Rina B. Tsou

Taiwan Film Institute | Taipei, Taiwan

Filipino-Taiwanese filmmaker Rina B. Tsou studied film- making in the Motion Picture Department of the National Taiwan University of Arts. Being of two lands, she has an intimate understanding of the East and Southeast Asian situation and has applied her unique sensibilities to the is- sues raised in her films. This can be seen in her latest short film Arnie, about the situation of transient Filipino workers in Taiwan. The film was selected at the Cannes Film Fes- tival Critic’s Week in 2016. Based in Taipei, she is currently working on a short documentary Ching Mei’s Hands, slat- ed to be released later in the year and developing her first feature film project Raining Roses. FILMOGRAPHY : - Maluuqun / 2016 / 15’ -Arnie/2016/24’ - Chicharon / 2013 / 27’ -GuaiWu/2011/9’


Taiwan, 2016, 24’

While docked at the port of Kaohsiung, Filipino seaman Arnie buys a ring with the help of his mates. He plans to propose to his girlfriend back home over the internet. What was meant to be the happiest moment of his life soon takes a down- ward spiral when he finds out that she is pregnant — Arnie is not the father of the child. Like a fish out of water, the life of migrant seamen working in Taiwan is a daily struggle… for the catch is plenty down south, but the waves are choppy and brutal. Monsoon season is here.Rina B. Tsou