Le Géographe Manuel II Socrate pour prendre congé

Michel Sumpf

Erik Satie exceeded expectations by releasing Socrates in 1918, for voice and piano, then in 1920 for voice and orchestra, whilst the original request was for a musical piece to accompany the reading of philosophical texts. Michel Sumpf perpetuates the transformation by confronting it with female bodies, female singers, with a few men amongst a selection of Parisian types of architecture.

Technical sheet


France, 71’
MusiC : Edgar Varèse et Erik Satie.
With the voices of Albane Carrère, Sofia Falkovitch, Maya Villanueva, Ariana Vafadari, Hélène Richer, Jean-Quentin Châtelain.
On piano Karol Beffa, Stephanos Thomopoulos.
Photography : Irina Lubtchansky, Jeanne Lapoirie, Claire Mathon.
Sounds : Olivier Mauvezin, Henri Maiko , Bruno Ehlinger, Thierry Coduys.
Editing : Dominique Auvray.
Production : Le Géographe manuel.
Filmographie : Le Géographe manuel (Traits difficiles), 1994