As Far As We Could Get

Iván Argote

Director : Iván Argote
Country : France, Colombia, Indonesia
Genre : Fiction
Length : 70′
Project state : Post-production
Budget : 65 000 €
Acquired budget : 35 000 €

In As Far As We Could Get, Iván Argote digs an imaginary tunnel between the two cities of Neiva (Colombia) and Palembang (Indonesia), which are the exact antipodes, a rare coincidence that only five other duos of cities share worldwide. Announcing, at the same time on large billboards and local newspapers in these two cities, Argote goes to meet young people, amateur basketball players, local singers in order to talk about love, life, geopolitics and economy. Switching back and forth between the two locations, keeping the rebound of the basketball ball which always responds to the gravity as common thread, the camera records more similarities than differences. This film tends to reveal that, although geographically opposed, we are all linked, we’re all the same, in our banality and complexity, personal and historical.

Iván Argote
Ivan Argote