Rafik Omrani

Director : Rafik Omrani
: Tunisia
Genre : Animated documentary
Length : 90′
Project state : Development
Budget : 900 000 €
Acquired budget : 100 000 €

Production company : Majez Films
Producer : Rafik Omrani

With the support of AFAC – The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (Liban)

— Fallega 2011 / Rafik Omrani / 2011 / 52′

Two weeks after left-wing-activist Chokri Belaïd was shot dead, Rafik Omrani, the director stumbles upon a picture of the main suspect in the case. He realizes with stupor that the suspect is his university friend Kamel Gadhgadhi.
After hesitation, he decides to open up about it. Even better, to make a film out of it. He then starts to scan his memory and, out of his drawer, he pulls an old photo ne- gative dating back to 1998. In this photo, the director appears next to his friend Gadhgadhi in front of the Business Management School in Tunis.
Throughout the film, Rafik tries to make the best print of this picture and embarks on a personal reflection about his friend, about the process of radicalization he has been through but also about his own image and his ambivalent identity.
Navigating between nice memories at University, news about bloody events and testimonials from friends, family, experts and human rights activists, including Chokri Belaïd, the director tries to find answers to his questions.

Rita Azevedo Gomes

OUT 1 (Emilien Awada – Constanze Ruhm)

Iván Argote

Yuri Ancarani

Jean-Marc Chapoulie, Nathalie Quintane

Felipe Carmona

Sharunas Bartas