La Lucarne des Rêves

Cendrine Robelin

The opening shots introduce a journey through the origins of musique concrète to the most recent musical forms. Without neglecting this itinerary, illustrated by a few germane examples, Cendrine Robelin’s film addresses a tougher question: “How exactly do you catch a sound fantasy ?”. The instructions for this are less visible than the bunch of individuals, most of whom are composers, that are making some attempts which are in their own eyes more or less satisfactory.

Technical sheet


France / 2017 Colour and B&W HD 58’
Original version : french.
Subtitles : english
Script & photography : Cendrine Robelin
Editing : Claude Mercier.
Sound : Martin Gracineau.
Casting : Bernard Parmegiani, Lionel Marchetti.

Production & distribution : Cendrine Robelin (Strange Mirror).