Le Géographe Manuel II Don Quichotte à Chaillot

Michel Sumpf

On the building site of an oval gallery at Palais de Chaillot filmed by William Lubtchansky, one hears two tunes from Don Quixote, by Maurice Ravel and Jacques Ibert, sung by Ruben Aguayo. This is a fragmented voyage across a resounding place where voices get lost, settle down, then come out in the open.
Michel Sumpf

Technical sheet


France, Italy 35mm 18’
With the voices of de Ruben Aguayo, Olivia Magnani.
Photography : Willy Lubtchansky.
Sound : Erwan Kerzanet.
Editing : Dominique Auvray.
Production Le Géographe manuel.
Filmographie : Le Géographe manuel (Traits difficiles), 1994