Une biographie / A biography

Alexander Schellow

How can a person with Alzheimer’s still recount their own life? When words have gone, all that is left are the sensations and sounds registered by the body. In the communal room of a clinic, music provokes an old lady in a wheelchair to dance. Entirely drawn and animated from memory with Indian ink on transparent paper, Une Biographie continues Alexander Schellow’s artistic work: a practice of drawing rooted in a performative process, based on the “reconstruction of memories”. (FM)

Technical sheet


France 2017 Black & white HD, Stéréo 6’
Original version : no dialogue.
Script & photography : Alexander Schellow.
Editing : Jean-Laurent Csinidis
Sound : Nans Mangeard.

Production : Jean-Laurent Csinidis (Films de Force Majeure), Schellow Alexander (Index.  lm).
Distribution : Nunes Jérôme (Films de Force Majeure).

Filmographie :
Tirana, 2013
– Marseille 01#30, 2011.