Stop Making Sense

Jonathan Demme

Jonathan Demme, one of the film directors whose career was launched by Roger Corman, attended a Talking Heads concert as the band was playing in the U.S. on their “Stop Making Sense” tour. The film’s project really kicked off that very night. It took a few months to strike out the indispensable chords. The shooting took place between December 14th and 16th at Pantages Theater in L.A., on one of their last gigs. The film reaches beyond the mere concert film by capitalising on the performance. The concert is being set, step by step. The filmmaking is fine-tuned, and everything just seems to disappear.

Technical sheet


USA 1984 / 35 mm / 88’
Original version : english
Photography : Jordan Cronenweth.
Editing : Lisa Day.
Casting : David Byrne, Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth, Alex Weir.

Production : Gary Goetzman (Talking Heads Films).
Distribution : Cinecom International Films, Island Alive.