Vers cette neige, vers cette nuit

Fabrice Lauterjung

A man shares his nostalgia for a long-gone connection. The wanderings through a city evoke a woman. The distinction of sounds, images and text gives them both the opportunity of an apparition. We are told about phone messages without answers. The film is the sequel of L’Invitation au voyage (FID 2014), and it borrows its title from a Russian poem by Olga Bergholtz: “Don’t go back there, to that snow, that night, the look of someone who is waiting for you.”
Fabrice Lauterjung

Technical sheet


France 2017 Colour and B&W 8 mm, 47’
Original version : french.
Subtitles : english
Script, photography, sound, editing : Fabrice Lauterjung.
Casting : Olga Lukasheva.

Production & distribution : Fabrice Lauterjung.

Filmography :
L’invitation au voyage, 2013
Fragments de vie d’un club de boxe, 2010
– Au fil de l’oubli, 2009