Simon Ripoll-Hurier

Over a black backdrop, the sound of fifes and drums gives rhythm to an inaudible conversation whose subtitles are the only remnants. Then emerges the figure of Hermes, the messenger, the guide. Here Diana is a morning drum-line, a goddess, a young girl, and also an ape. The film riddles with sounds that take the place of the expected signal. Small groups of radio-amateurs are busy settling their listening posts, waiting for a strange wave.
Simon Ripoll-Hurier
Simon Ripoll Hurier

Technical sheet


France, USA 2017 Colour HD, Stéréo 48’
Original version : english.
Subtitles : english, french.
Script : Simon Ripoll-Hurier.
Photography : Tommy Davis, Laetitia Striffing, Victor Zebo.
Editing : Simon Ripoll-Hurier.
Sound : Simon Ripoll-Hurier.
Production : Olga Rozenblum (Red Shoes), TDRand Thomas R. Davis.
Distribution : Olga Rozenblum (Red Shoes).