Cinq ans après la guerre

Samuel Albaric

Ulysse Lefort

Martin Wiklund

How can a son imagine a father he has never met? Darth Vader, Rabbi Jacob, Osama Bin Laden and a few more congregate around the protagonist of Cinq
Ans Après la Guerre to help him build his identity – between Judaism and Islam, between his desire for emancipation and his filial love. An animation film using the bright colours of rotoscoping to create a delicate portrait of the complex feelings that unite a son with his father. (RDP) (RDP)
Samuel Albaric

Technical sheet


France 2017 Colour HD, Dolby Digital  17’
Original version : french.
Subtitles : english.
Script : Albaric Samuel.
Photography : Sarah Cunningham, Gurvan Hue.
Editing : Julien Ngo-Trong .
Sound : Christophe Penchenat.
Casting : Timothée Dray, Jaffar Abdalla.

Production : Lucie Portehaut (Les Fées Productions), Sandrine Pillon (Les Fées Productions), Emmanuel-Alain Raynal (Miyu Productions), Pierre Baussaron (Miyu Productions).
Distribution : Anais Colpin (Manifest).