Subtle interferences

Paula Gaitán

In the space between voices, images, song and music, Paul Gaitan delays the shift from black and white to colour. Evoking Eliane Radigue and Matana Roberts among other artists, the dialogue helps to “trigger off” (“déclencher”, spoken in French among words of Portuguese subtitled in English) without expecting an actual repartee. Arto Lindsay asserts himself more impetuously with his guitar than his words. The 6-string Danelectro looks like a survivor from the 1950s. In such hands, it is dazzling.
Paula Gaitán

Technical sheet


BrAZil 2017 Colour and B&W HD, Dolby Digital 80’
Original version : portuguese, english.
Subtitles : english.
Script, photography, sound, editing : Paula Gaitán.
Casting : Arto Lindsay, Paal Nilssen-Love.

Production : Eryk Rocha (Aruac Filmes), Vitor Graize, Paula Gaitán (Pique-Bandeira Filmes).
Distribution : Paula Gaitán.

Filmography :
– Night Box, 2015
– Memory of the Memory, 2013
– The volcano exiles, 2013
– Agreste, 2010
– Kogi, 2009