Naše telo

At the beginning, a building blows up – but only half of it. At the end, a man spends a very, very long time washing, leaning over his shower. Will he manage to get clean? In the meantime, there will have been other men, damaged and tired too, and other places, dull or even sad-looking. Because men and the places they live in are not separate entities, they do communicate. Because architecture remembers men, and men remember the times and places of their wandering or waiting.Dane Komljen

Technical sheet


Bosnia Herzegovina / Serbia / Germany, 2015, Colour, HD, 15’

Original version : serbian
Subtitles : english
Script : James Lattimer
Photography : Dane Komljen
Editing : Dane Komljen
Sound : Dane Komljen
Production: Dart Film, Vizart Film
Distribution: Dart Film

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New Dawn Fades/Passage (from October), 2011
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