Have you ever killed a bear or becoming Jamila

Marwa Arsanios

In collaboration with Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V

From the different representations of Jamila Bouhired, the Algerian freedom fighter, through the magazine›s Cairo’s Al-Hilal 50s and ‘60s collection, the performance attempts to look at the history of socialist projects in Egypt, anti-colonial wars in Algeria, and the way they have marginalized feminist projects. What does it mean to play a freedom fighter? to become an icon? How does the constitution of the subject serve certain political purposes?
Marwa Arsanios

Technical sheet


Liban, 2014, Colour and B&W, HDCAM, Stereo, Dolby Digital, 25’

Original version : arabic.
Subtitles : english.
Script : Marwa Arsanios.
Photography : Karam Ghossein.
Editing : Vartan Avakian.
Sound : Joe Namy.
Casting: Jessika Khazrik

Production : Marwa Arsanios.
Distribution : Arsenal – Institut für film und videokunst.

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